Aviation E6B Calculator

Solve common time, speed, distance, fuel, wind and other E6B calculations quickly and easily all from your iPhone.

Unit Conversions

This E6B has more then 60 conversion calculations related to temperature, distance, speeds, weight, area and volume.

Congratulations, you have found one of the finest E6B aviation calculators designed for the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. With more the 75 aviation calculations, unit conversions and now aviation weather reports we are sure you will find myE6B convenient for solving the planning and navigating problems associated with flying.

  1. Bullet Time, Speed, Distance calculations

  2. Bullet Fuel Calculations

  3. Bullet Altitude Calculations

  4. Bullet Effects of Wind Calculations

  5. Bullet More then 60 unit conversions

What is

  1. Bullet Unit conversions within calc

  2. Bullet Pilot Weather Reports

  3. Bullet One finger operation

  4. Bullet Night Vision, Copy, Paste & more

  5. Bullet Best of all - it’s only $8.99!


This E6B has METARs, TAFs AIR/SIGMETs and PIREPs built in. Search by ICAO code or browse our database of world-wide reporting stations!

Download our full featured E6B today and see why thousands have found myE6B beneficial to their flight planning needs!http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=286046305&mt=8shapeimage_7_link_0
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by M Buckley

Great job! I fly helicopters and use my iPhone in the air. This is great because I have one hand on the cyclic all the time. I can do quick calculations with this program with my thumb. Do you have anything else for aviators?  Keep up the great work!

by C Ross

Love it. Thanks for building it. I'm using it for my VFR141 helicopter private license.

by Tobias

I`m using the e6b a lot in line operation and I love it!

by BS08

This is by far the best app out there for pilots. As a CFI I highly recommend it if you have any flight planning problems to do. It will solve for any answer and replace your traditional or electric E6B. It also has a very nice weather section that allows you to quickly pull up metars, taf's, sigmets, & pirep's. I can not say enough positive things about this app. And more is promised in future updates.

by Soundex

Worth the cost. I have a 15 yr old doing ground school and it fits his needs perfectly. As an old ATC I have a ball trying to remember old lessons. In any event it is as good as any gauge I have seen.

The best selling E6B for the Apple iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.

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