An essential for pre-flight planning and in-flight problem solving


Quickly perform more than 75 aviation related calculations, including many that typically require pilots to download separate apps, such as fuel calculations and converters. myE6B accomodates every pilot's calculation and flight-planning needs in a convenient package for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

 • Time, speed & distance calculations
 • Advanced fuel calculations
 • Wind calculations
 • Altitude calculations
 • Add & subtract time
 • GPS coordinate converter

Aviation Weather

myE6B offers in-app access to pilot weather reports, so pilots don't have to leave the app to check the latest conditions. Search by ICAO code or browse a database of world-wide reporting stations. 

 • TAFs
 • Cloud base
 • MOTNE / SNOWTAM decoder
 • ICAO Code database

Unit Conversions

myE6B includes more than 65 conversions and features in-calc unit converters for all metric and U.S. units, so pilots can quickly adjust results to the preferred unit of measurement.

 • Temperature 
 • Distance 
 • Speed 
 • Pressure
 • Weight/mass 
 • Latitude & longitude 
 • Fuel and more

What our users are saying


by electra188

I use this App every day that I fly. A tremendous value and tremendously useful. I'm a Captain with a legacy major airline.

Simply amazing!!

by Peshmerga0

Seriously I'm not even kidding this app has 99.9% of what you'll ever need being a pilot.

Love this!

by colleenmariehealy

I was allowed to use this for my PPL checkride and it was fantastic! My instructor and FAA examiner were impressed with it and downloaded it for themselves.


myE6B makes it easy for the student pilot and seasoned pilots alike solve the most common planning and navigating problems related to flying.

Offering more functions than any other E6B on the market, myE6B includes 75+ aviation related calculations, unit conversions, weather reports, and advanced fuel planning.

In addition to a comprehensive set of flight planning calculations, myE6B includes convenient access to global METAR, TAF, AIR/SIGMET and PIREP reports, and a handy search utility for finding an ICAO weather station.

Try myE6B today, you will not be disappointed, as it is tried, tested, and proven by thousands of professional pilots across the globe every day.